Executive Coaching

Empowering and equipping senior leaders to achieve their full potential

In today’s complex and volatile world, senior leaders are feeling the pressure.

You are at the forefront of leadership decisions, team relationship challenges and performance expectations while simultaneously managing family and personal commitments. This complex array of pressures can have a negative impact on leadership confidence and capacity as well as personal well-being.

I offer a personalised coaching journey that addresses your unique challenges and aspirations. Empowering you to overcome obstacles, unlock your full potential, and achieve your goals.

I achieve unrivalled transformational change through the TeamBrain® Programme. Drawing on my experience and expertise as a Counselling Psychologist and executive coach this approach integrates the dynamic impact of coaching with the evidence-based insights and in-depth analysis of individual, relational and Bowen systems psychology.

We work in partnership to develop a fresh understanding of your challenge and unlock creative thinking. We broaden perspectives to stimulate new possibilities for you to create forward momentum with practical, actionable steps that transform situations.

Typical Coaching Topics
Leadership and Management skills
Managing confrontation, conflict, and difficult conversations
Stress, Burnout, work/life balance
Resilience, confidence, assertiveness
Personal impact
Role transitions
Relationship Management
Leading and navigating change
Establishing a creative and collaborative culture
Attracting and keeping your people
Building an effective team
“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”
Marcel Proust

Team Brain® coaching develops these skills and more..

Personal benefits
Greater energy, enthusiasm, and confidence

Reduced anxiety, stress, and burnout

Clearer thinking with improved

Articulation of personal needs and work/life balance

Feeling calmer with strengthened ability to process strong emotion

Enhanced self-reflection to process and work through challenges as they arise
Performance benefits
Responsive not reactive leadership & management style

Clarity around role, responsibilities, boundaries, and effective delegation

Understand and work through personal blocks to performance

Refined ability to take thoughtful, informed decisions under pressure

Enhanced personal impact, presence, and influence.

Team benefits
Nuanced relational intelligence to interpret team dynamics and intervene effectively

Relate with curious, open, and inclusive communication to empower whole team participation

Effectively address complex problems, enhance team collaboration and facilitate difficult conversations more productively

Control the temperature to focus team energy or calm stressed reactivity

Build an inviting, creative, diverse, and psychological safe team culture

AND continue to do all these things under pressure.

Coaching Programme Overview

FREE Chemistry Meeting
This free  Zoom consultation (30 minutes) is to briefly to discuss your hopes and aims for coaching, to answer any questions you may have and to discuss practical details.
Initial Assessment Session
This sessions unpacks your goals for coaching and frames our work together as we start to place your challenges within the framework of your workplace context, influences, and relationship dynamics.
Ongoing coaching sessions
While every coaching package is bespoke, coaching sessions typically last 1 hour and are held fortnightly or monthly. Sessions can be face to face at my Harley Street practice or via Zoom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Initial free Chemistry conversation (30 mins) – FREE

This conversation is to briefly to discuss your hopes and aims for coaching, to answer any questions you may have and to discuss practical details.

A bespoke coaching package which will be discussed during our initial phone consultation and agreed following the initial assessment.
Our initial phone conversation is an opportunity to discuss this and consider both options. Many issues can be successfully addressed through coaching, however where problems are longstanding, complex or there is significant impact to mental health, weekly therapy will provide a more appropriate environment for successful change.
Book a FREE 30 minute phone consultation.

This phone call will give you the chance to discuss your hopes and aims for coaching, answer any questions you have and discuss practical details.
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Switch on Team Brain thinking in your organisation

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Explore our resource pages to discover how the Team Brain® approach enriches your coaching journey, sheds light on team challenges and broadens your leadership expertise.

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