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I’m a chartered counselling psychologist who is passionate about enabling growth and transformation within within individuals, couples and families.

Here you’ll find information about the services I offer and you can read my blog, The Differentiated Life.

Individual Therapy

You may be looking to find a way through a challenging period in your life, struggling to cope with a mental health difficulty or feeling stuck in unsatisfactory relationships.

Therapy offers an invitation to dive into the deep. Together with a skilled therapist you have the opportunity to explore below the surface of everyday living. In a confidential space I will support you to share, explore, understand and bring about change.

Individual Therapy

Couple Therapy

You and your partner may be in crisis, struggling with a significant challenge in your lives or feeling disconnected and out of touch.

Couple therapy offers an opportunity to transform and rejuvenate your relationship. I will offer insight into the relationship dynamics between you, support you through difficult conversations and empower you to find new ways of relating so that you can re-connect and move forward.


Family Therapy

Your whole family may be in difficulty, affected by negative relationship dynamics or facing challenging circumstances. One member in particular may be struggling and their problems are affecting the rest of the family.

In Family Therapy I will help your family families deepen your connections, communicate better and find creative ways to work together to get through stressful times.

Family Therapy

The Differentiated Life Blog & Resources

The Differentiated Life refers to the psychological concept of differentiation.

Differentiation encapsulates our capacity to continue to both think, feel and act as an individual and remain meaningfully engaged in our relationships under increasing levels of pressure.

It is a core concept in Bowen Systems theory, the clinical approach that underpins my individual, couple and family therapy work. Investing in increasing your personal level of differentiation is transformative, enhancing your personal well-being, your relationships and even your professional life.

My blog offers bite-sized nuggets of differentiation-based insight that you can apply to your life and work. It includes thoughts to prompt self-reflection, updates on relevant research and resources to develop personal skills.


During a final therapy session with a client we were reflecting over the work we had done together. He told me that he had either thought the sessions would be a total waste of time, or that I’d “fix” him completely. “Now,” he mused, “I realise that it was never going to be either. It’s been about embarking on a journey from which I’ll never be the same again.”

I look forward to joining with you on your journey of growth and transformation.

Dr Kathryn Kissell | Counselling Psychologist Harley Street London

“That which is created in a relationship can be fixed in a relationship”

Murray Bowen


“[Kathryn] is an exceptional therapist. Thoughtful and analytic, but also totally focused on helping me improve myself and my situation. She manages to be kind and direct at the same time which is exactly what I need.”

“[Kathryn] has a very nuanced and accurate understanding of the issues we discuss and my conversations with her have led to powerful insights as well as solutions on how to deal with difficult problems.”

“Kathryn is incredible. She is an extremely good listener and creates an environment where you feel very comfortable and supported speaking honestly about difficult topics.”

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