Is the Team Brain® Programme Your Answer? Find out here.


Is the Team Brain® Programme Your Answer? Find out here.

20 May 2024


Team Brain is a psychological evidence-based programme, rooted in Bowen Systems theory, that improves your mental health, enhances the quality of your relationships and builds your leadership skills both at home and at work, for long-term, sustainable, and resilient thriving.

In this first blog in a three-part series, discover the Team Brain programme and boost mental health, relationships, and leadership for long-lasting well-being.

The purpose of the Team Brain Programme

The Team Brain programme offers a comprehensive understanding of health, well-being and quality of life by integrating individual psychology, personal physiology and the dynamics of social relationships and interactions. This holistic approach allows you to engage with Team Brain thinking from a variety of perspectives.

In therapy , the Team Brain allows us to understand and address your stress, mental health challenges and burnout, to reduce current symptoms and enhance your long-term resilience and capacity to thrive under pressure.

In executive coaching,  the Team Brain aids in refining your management and leadership skills, enabling you to successfully navigate turbulence and change, and fostering a positive team culture for sustained high performance and flourishing.

In parent coaching,  Team Brain insights help parents better support struggling children, by adjusting parenting styles, and boosting confidence, you can create a secure home environment with lowered tension, deeper connections, and greater family resilience amidst challenges.

In all these situations, the same fundamental skills apply. Therefore, as you grow and mature in your chosen area of focus, you will experience additional, unexpected benefits in other areas of life. As your symptoms of anxiety and panic reduce you might notice that you become a more thoughtful and effective leader or as you refine your parenting you realise that the same skills enable you to transform team dynamics at work.

Moreover, the Team Brain’s systemic approach means that the impacts we experience go beyond ourselves. Changes in our personal lives create positive ripples throughout our personal and professional relationships, benefiting those around us. This concept is central to parent coaching, where changes we make to our functioning as parents foster enhanced health and well-being in our children. Similar positive influences occur in therapy and executive coaching too.

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Why is it called the Team Brain?

The team brain is a concept which explains how individuals in groups can start thinking and acting as one entity, rather than as separate individuals. This unconscious shift from individual to collective thinking highlights the interconnectedness within relationship systems and occurs across all contexts.

The influence of the team brain is so pervasive that even personal changes, like strengthening our self-esteem, developing our emotional intelligence or lowering our anxiety, require understanding and actively engaging with the role of relationships and group dynamics if we want such changes to be long lasting. 

Every team brain we belong to shapes and influence the way we think, feel, connect and react. From our original family of origin, through to our school classes, work groups and sport teams. So influential is this unconscious force on our functioning that often our individual physical and psychological symptoms or uncharacteristic behaviour, only make sense when we step back and observe the position that we are occupying within our relationship systems.

Failing to grasp and address these group dynamics hinders long-term personal growth. The homeostatic force of the system resists change, even positive change, leading to pressures that sabotage and impede transformation. To achieve lasting results, success lies in engaging at both individual and systemic levels, recognising the influence of the team brain and enhancing our personal level of differentiation.

Developing your Differentiation with the Team Brain

The Team Brain programme focuses on enhancing 4 key areas of brain functioning: React, Think, Feel and Connect. 

These elements collectively define a highly differentiated individual. Differentiation is the ability to think and function independently while remaining emotionally connected to others, even under stress. 

An individual with high differentiation can maintain clear thinking while processing personal emotions and stay authentically engaged with others, even when articulating differing thoughts and feelings. This allows such an individual to respond thoughtfully rather than react instinctively to life’s challenges and do so in a way that invites equally thoughtful contributions from those around them. 

Our level of differentiation has a significant positive impact on our experience of life, work and relationships. When the areas of React, Think, Feel and Connect are developed and integrated, we can thrive as individuals within complex family and work team brains even amid heightened pressure and tension. 

Depending on your focus and preferred method (therapy or coaching), these elements are explored and emphasised differently. 

The same four skills are also essential for thriving team life, whether in our personal and family life, or within workplace teams. When considering differentiation in a group context, we refer to it as “collective differentiation”. 

A team with high level of collective differentiation balances the life forces of individuality and togetherness. Each member is encouraged to develop their unique skills, values, and opinions, growing in that which makes them an individual. Alongside this, the team nurtures an experience of cohesion and belonging that brings everyone together. This combination of distinctiveness and unity creates a flexible and creative team, capable of adapting to change and collaborating effectively to address the challenges that emerge in life. 

If your concerns involve struggling family or work relationships, we'll also consider how you might group your collective differentiation. 

Is the Team Brain Your Answer?

the team brain blog 1 dr kathryn kissell

I'll always remember the day my daughter tried on her new glasses.

She saw everything clearly, her perspective on the world shifted and her engagement with the world was transformed. This is exactly how the Team Brain approach operates—it reshapes your worldview, transforms your experience, and empowers you to choose your path with newfound clarity.

If you're curious about deepening your self-awareness and understanding your relationships,

If you seek to manage stress, anxiety, and enhance your overall well-being,

If you're ready to approach life from a different angle and could use some guidance along the way,

Then the Team Brain is tailor-made for you.

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