Karpman’s Drama Triangle

The Karpman Drama Triangle defines the roles that people take on (and can switch between) in stressful, emotional or high-conflict situations. Dr Stephen Karpman identified three main roles that emerge: the persecutor, the victim and the rescuer. We can often find ourselves drawn to a particular role. However, the [...]

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Session #5 “I Can’t Support my Family & Feel so Helpless”

Today’s session is about feeling helpless because you're stuck in lockdown and can’t support your family. The battle against COVID-19 is being fought by the care-givers. The NHS and other key workers who prioritise other's well-being above their own. Their work is amazing. But in lockdown we are not [...]

Session #4 “I’m Feeling Claustrophobic with my Partner Under My Feet All Day”

Today’s session is about how to survive (and thrive) with your other half under your feet all day Every relationship system (whether a family, group of flat mates or work team) creates particular  ways of being with each other. We might call it group culture or recognise it through [...]