The Karpman Drama Triangle defines the roles that people take on (and can switch between) in stressful, emotional or high-conflict situations. Dr Stephen Karpman identified three main roles that emerge: the persecutor, the victim and the rescuer.

We can often find ourselves drawn to a particular role. However, the reality is that we move around the three roles. Different circumstances pull us towards one particular pattern of behaviour or another.

I introduced the Karpman drama triangle in Session #5. This session drew upon the Karpman triangle in the context of thinking about how you experience caring for others. If you are particularly drawn to the Rescuer role then without realising it you can invite someone else into the Victim role.

Through developing your self-awareness you can shift the dynamics in relationship from a drama triangle towards an empowerment dynamic. This shift takes the persecutor to challenger, victim to survivor and rescuer to coach.

Take a step…

You might have noticed that you find yourself playing a particular role within relationships?

Perhaps you are always offering help to others rather than looking after yourself?

If you feel like you don’t have much of a choice any longer then why don’t you use this resource to consider how you might shift your role within the drama triangle.

The Resource…

There are a variety of developments of the Karpman Triangle available.

This resource draws on Karpman’s original articulation of the three roles and then contrasts them with a shift towards challenge, survivor and coach.

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