One of the powerful features of therapy is the explicit sharing of your internal world with another. An accepting and non-judgemental other.

I often have clients who have never spoken to anyone about the pain, sadness, fear, anger or helplessness that they experience on a daily basis.

I am always amazed at the bravery they show when they come to therapy and start to share.

The very act of articulating your thoughts and emotions kickstarts a journey which can result in greater calm, unexpected clarity and ongoing compassion in your life.

We don’t always have a therapist at our fingertips.

But we do have access to pen and paper or fingers and key pads.

Journalling may be a solo pursuit but the process of articulating your thoughts and feelings through writing can also be very healing.

Beginning to articulate your feelings through writing can feel less threatening than speaking them out loud. It offers a safe place to risk expressing strong feelings without the fear of upsetting someone.

Take a Step…

You might be aware that you are carrying thoughts and feelings that weigh you down.

Perhaps you are not ready to talk to anyone about them, but you want to begin to think about them a little more deeply.

If so, journaling may be a wonderful step for you to take.

The Resource…

Journalling can take many forms. There is no right or wrong. It’s about discovering what method helps you to push in more deeply to where you’re at.

This resource is based on a method of journalling called Free Flow Writing.

It encourages you to “empty on the page.” To write without stopping to think or edit.

Simply letting out all the complexity of the emotions surrounding you at that moment.

I have drawn upon Alyse Sweeney’s work in compiling this resource.

Alyse is a writer and editor who started writing as a mindfulness practice. She now runs free-flow writing circles to help others connect to themselves and to others.

For more information do check out her website.

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