I often have clients who come to me with a lot of thoughts.

Their mind is crowded and they want therapy to help them think their way through their difficulties.

Sometimes a “thinking” therapy such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is valuable, but sometimes it just skims along the surface.

You see, we can use thinking as a protective defence against feeling.

More thinking doesn’t get us anywhere.

At times like this I invite them to use the therapeutic superpower focusing.

I call it a superpower because of the way it enables you to connect with how you’re feeling inside. It helps you gain insight and can release powerful shifts in the way you relate to the challenging circumstances you find ourselves in.

It is amazing how often (and how quickly) a seemingly intransigent issue shifts and moves once we create space for a focusing connection.

Focusing differs from mindfulness because the aim is to move towards our feelings and thoughts rather than releasing them.

Take a Step…

We have a far greater ability to connect with where we’re at than sometimes we give ourselves credit for.

I introduce focusing in my blog and invite you to experience one of my transformational focusing journeys in session #9.

Why don’t you download the resource and have a go yourself?

I’d love to hear the difference that using the simple words “something in me” made to how you are feeling.

The Resource…

The resource I’ve uploaded introduces you to Ann Weiser Cornell’s approach to focusing.

I love her way of teaching focusing as she makes it incredibly simple and accessible.

Ann has written a book about her approach called The Radical Acceptance of Everything: Living a Focusing Life. She also has a brilliant website which offers loads of free resources and insights into how to use focusing in your daily life.

Download PDF