I love a good list of emotions.

Being really specific in articulating how you feel is a powerful force.

It enables you to connect deeply with where you’re at.

It is the first stage of processing how you feel and enables you to start to move through those feelings.

I just used to give my clients the first page, the negative feeling page.

I guess as a therapist people normally seek me out because they are feeling burdened by their emotions rather than buoyed up by them.

Then I realised how important it is to be able to articulate our positive emotions too.

To celebrate our emotions when we’re feeling good.

To offer compassion to them when we’re feeling low.

Sometimes it can be difficult to talk about how you’re really feeling with your partner.

Seeing every emotion under the sun written down can break down this self-consciousness.

Talking honestly about feelings is a powerful route to real connection.

Take a step…

How about starting a habit of naming your emotions regularly.

You could start a daily “check-in” slot by yourself or with a friend or partner.

Why don’t you use the emotion resource to help you really get to the complexity of your emotions.

I’d love to hear what other ways you find to use this emotion resource.

What did you discover about yourself?

The Resource…

This list was compiled by Bryon Katie.

It’s the best list out there that I’ve found.

The emotion list is used as part of her process of self-exploration called simply “The Work.”

To find out more do check out her website https://thework.com

The website guides you through her powerful method of enabling you to engage with who and what you are. And it’s all free!

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