Developing Self-Compassion

When we start to reflect on our own responses to challenging situations or people we can get frustrated.

We begin to notice our well-worn paths of words or actions.

But then we realise that it’s difficult to change those patterns of a lifetime.

We can become self-critical and give up before we’re even begun.

That’s why beginning a journey of self-reflection goes hand-in-hand with developing self-compassion.

Take a step…

Perhaps you’re feeling critical of yourself right now and want to develop a kind, supportive inner voice.

If so, why don’t you check out this resource and support yourself to develop greater self-compassion.

The Resource…

The resource contains two exercises for developing greater self-compassion. Both exercises use visual imagery to create internal compassionate resources you can draw on during difficult situations.

The first exercise guides you through creating an ideal compassionate-other image which can enable you to surround both yourself and others with love and acceptance. The second exercise enhances self-compassion by drawing on memories of times you experienced kindness from another.

These exercises were developed by Dr Paul Gilbert. Dr Gilbert believes that compassion could be the key to relieving intrusive feelings of shame and self-criticism. His research and work with clients led him to develop Compassion Focused Therapy.

You can read about Compassion Focused therapy and find additional exercises in Dr Gilbert’s book The Compassionate Mind

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