Flourishing Ministers: Flourishing Communities
A Group Coaching Programme for Christian Ministers

Get beneath the surface of well-being to create real and lasting change

This six-session group coaching programme gets below the surface of the usual recommendations around self-care and well-being to unpack the deeper relational and psychological dynamics that can frustrate ministers’ best efforts to flourish in their work and in their church communities.

The programme is based on my new book of the same name: Flourishing Ministers: Flourishing Communities, a practical resource for those in Christian ministry, written with the support of The Susanna Wesley Foundation.

This short video below introduces the resource and uses excerpts from the launch event.

The book explores the impact of personal factors and community challenges on well-being and demonstrates how investing in 6 key areas can transform the health of ministers and support the flourishing of their churches.

The coaching group programme brings the insights explored in the book to life, supporting and empowering ministers to apply them within their personal life and church context.

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Attending the Flourishing Ministers group coaching programme will:

  • Support you to move forward to achieve your well-being goals
  • Enable you to embed the fundamental building blocks of flourishing to your personal life and ministry situation
  • Offer you a confidential and supportive peer group space where learning, insights and growth are shared and challenges and difficulties are considered together.
  • Give you expert input as every session is targeted towards the group’s specific needs, drawing on additional tools and resources as relevant.

Wondering if these groups are right for you?

Can you answer Yes to these questions?

  • I am facing a problem or challenge in the area of well-being & flourishing in ministry
  • I am feeling just about ready to take practical steps to address it
  • I am pretty open to thinking about myself, the patterns in my own life & considering the changes I could make
  • I would like to have the experience of being in, and contributing to, a supportive and understanding peer group

If so, then these coaching groups are right for you!


  • Coaching groups are open for ministers of all denominations
  • Each coaching group will have a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 participants
  • There are 6 sessions and each session will last 2 hours.
  • Prior to the group starting we will have a one-to-one conversation via zoom to identify your goals for coaching and to ensure your key topics are addressed in the group.
  • Before each session you will be asked to read the relevant chapter of the book and reflect on how the content resonates with you.

What to do next?

Email me at drkathrynkissell@gmail.com and I will send you details of our next coaching group


“[Dr Kissell’s] coaching moves seamlessly between perceptive questions, insightful hypotheses, and precise application of theory. After sessions, I always come back to work with new insights and practical ways to manage myself in challenging situations.

I would commend Dr. Kissell to any church leader who is looking to bring deeper emotional health to their ministry and church community. “

Church Minister Coachee, 2021

“This is the best module I have ever done, anyone and everyone in any form of ministry should do this module. Kathryn is an amazing teacher.”

Ridley Hall, Cambridge Student, 2022


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