Enhancing your Breathing to Reduce Anxiety

There is an incredible interaction between our sensations of anxiety and our breath. When we feel anxious our breathing patterns changes. It becomes more shallow and we begin to gulp air or hyperventilate. But it also works the other way round. If we deliberately change our breathing pattern we [...]

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Developing Self-Compassion

Developing Self-Compassion When we start to reflect on our own responses to challenging situations or people we can get frustrated. We begin to notice our well-worn paths of words or actions. But then we realise that it’s difficult to change those patterns of a lifetime. We can become self-critical [...]

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Karpman’s Drama Triangle

The Karpman Drama Triangle defines the roles that people take on (and can switch between) in stressful, emotional or high-conflict situations. Dr Stephen Karpman identified three main roles that emerge: the persecutor, the victim and the rescuer. We can often find ourselves drawn to a particular role. However, the [...]

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Journalling using Free Flow Writing

One of the powerful features of therapy is the explicit sharing of your internal world with another. An accepting and non-judgemental other. I often have clients who have never spoken to anyone about the pain, sadness, fear, anger or helplessness that they experience on a daily basis. I am [...]

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Introduction to Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a very simple form of meditation. It is a valuable skill because it enables you to gain greater control over the impact your thoughts have on you. Mindfulness strengthens your ability to give your full attention to the present moment. It teaches you to notice and observe [...]

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Fantastic List of Emotions

I love a good list of emotions. Being really specific in articulating how you feel is a powerful force. It enables you to connect deeply with where you’re at. It is the first stage of processing how you feel and enables you to start to move through those feelings. [...]

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