Today’s session is about those times when you are faced with a challenge that feels insurmountable and you think in despair that “I just can’t do it.”

Your challenge may have emerged because of lockdown, or it may be something that was already there and it’s becoming more intense because of the times that we’re in.

I believe that lockdown places us in a crucible time. The heat is on and we are brought face to face with some of our biggest fears, insecurities and anxieties. These videos are all about encouraging you on the journey and equipping you with skills that will help you get through these challenges.

You Can Do It.

This was the first video script I wrote.

I wrote it after I had to face one of my biggest fears.

It builds on the Focusing skills I introduced in Session #3 and the mind’s eye journey that I went on seemed to fit the Easter Story, so I’ve saved it for today, Easter Day.

So, come watch, munch on a chocolate egg and find encouragement that you too can face your own challenges.

You can find a resource to guide you through your own Focusing in the resources section of my website here

Why don’t you send me a comment. I’d love to hear your stories, what challenges you’ve been facing and how you’ve found a way through.

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