Today’s session is about what to do when you find yourself working from home and procrastinating.

There is lots of valuable advice on the internet for how to work from home effectively. Sometimes we can know it all but we still feel stuck and unable to get things done. This session is about getting a little deeper, identifying how virtual work can create anxiety and how our methods for trying to bind those feelings can sometimes end up sabotaging us.

So, if you are procrastinating watch this video and then

  1. Take the good advice – Sometimes procrastination is as simple as the fact you are bored. Try some of the tips out there and see if they help.
  2. Take some time out – Let’s stop sweeping the feelings under the carpet and take some time to reflect on them. Using your mindfulness or focusing skills identify your feelings, offer them acceptance and compassion.
  3. Identify what you have been doing to bind your anxiety around work – perhaps it has been avoiding doing it, emailing rather than speaking to people, ignoring messages or over focusing on something else.
  4. Take a step of differentiation – Do something different. Sometimes this is as simple as identifying what the opposite behaviour would be. How could you connect rather than ignore? How could you clarify expectations rather than hiding?

This may feel difficult, you are trying something that you won’t usually do. But see it as an experiment and have a go. You might be surprised at the outcome!

You’ll find mindfulness and focusing resources in the resources section of my website here

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