Today’s session is about feeling helpless because you’re stuck in lockdown and can’t support your family.

The battle against COVID-19 is being fought by the care-givers. The NHS and other key workers who prioritise other’s well-being above their own. Their work is amazing. But in lockdown we are not able to offer the normal types of care we would give to our own loved ones. This can make us feel very vulnerable and helpless. However, it also offers us the opportunity to grow our relationships.

So, if you’re ready to reflect on the role you play in your family as care-giver, check out this video and reflect on these steps:

  1. What role do you find yourself playing in normal family life? Peacemaker? Care-giver? Problem solver?
  2. How is lockdown affecting your usual ways of acting out your role? How does this make you feel?
  3. Create a plan to support your family in this new environment – Perhaps do this with someone who is less involved in the situation. This means that their rational, thinking mind and your more emotional mind can come together and become a wise mind. Wise minds make the best plans.
  4. Consider how you might look after yourself too and feel less pressure to be the care-giver – How might you enact the mantra ”Don’t do for others what they can learn to do for themselves.”

You’ll find the Karpman Drama Triangle information sheet in the resources section of my website or you can click here

What would it be like if you were more coach and less saviour?

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