Today’s session is about what to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed with home-schooling.

Session #1 introduced the ideas of how we catch anxiety, hold it in our body and want to bind it somehow to reduce the pressure we’re feeling. Today we’re thinking about how to stop our fears affecting our kids, offer ourselves compassion & when we’re ready, tackle the challenge directly.

If you realise that you’re feeling anxious about home-schooling and its coming out in the way you are being with your kids

  1. Take a pause. Grab a cuppa and find a quiet(ish) space.
  2. Use the mindfulness resource to help you connect with how you’re feeling inside, accept it and find your calm.
  3. Reconnect with your primary task – What thoughtful and creative decisions can you make so that you can find a way to make home-schooling a positive experience for you and your kids.

Repeat as required. Sometimes multiple times a day.

You’ll find a mindfulness resource in the resources section of the website along with a whole list of feelings to help you identify what’s going on for you.

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I look forward to seeing you for our next session,