This session is all about the power of humour to dispel anxiety.

Laughter acts like a vaccine against the contagious force of anxiety.

It reduces anxiety by changing our physiological states, increasing our connection to positive emotions and altering our perspective on our circumstances.

Laughing with others can also increase our sense of feeling supported and belonging.

Everything we need right now under lockdown.

You might have noticed that you’re beginning to feel emotionally heavy under lockdown.
That issues which are normally insignificant little niggles are exploding into big problems.

If so, why don’t you take some time for a laughter makeover?

Have your own laughter facial- Take some time out and watch your favourite comedy film to give your face a workout

Be a laughter inoculator and spread the immunity around your friends and family – Share the laughter together. Whether it’s with the people you’re in lockdown with or virtually with friends and family.

What’s made you laugh and raised your spirits today?

See you next session,