Today’s session is about starting to spot how predictable we are. How sometimes we can be “just like our mother!”

We all have patterned responses to situations of pressure and conflict. These patterns develop in our early years through experiences in our key relationships.

When we get better at spotting our patterns we get better at being able to calm our emotional response to tricky situations. Like lockdown.

So if you want to start getting that bigger perspective on your emotions check out this video and the reflections below:

Take some time to think about what happened in your family when there was disagreement and pressure.

How did different people respond? Was conflict scary or welcomed?

Who shared what with whom? Who was left out?

Who ignored the problem? Who raised the anti and increased the stress?

Who was always provided the answers? Whose view was ignored?

Where did you fit?

Start to see if you can spot the same patterns outworking now.

Who have you placed in your family member’s roles?

What part do you like to play?

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