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The Differentiated Life

Based In Surbiton, home of classic British sitcom The Good Life, Kathryn’s blog and resources explore and unpack what it means to live “The Differentiated Life.”


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Welcome to A Differentiated Life… In Session

As my private practise has moved online during lockdown, I’ve been thinking about what I might be able to be able to support the wider community. I’ve decided to offer regular virtual therapy sessions. Life has changed really fast over the last few weeks. We are all faced with [...]

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Identify your Differentiation Toolkit

The first step towards growing our differentiation is to increase our conscious awareness of our current differentiation toolkit (Click here for a brief introduction to Differentiation). One of the best times to observe them is when you are in a pressured, conflictual or emotionally charged situation with an important person [...]

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Introducing the Differentiated Life

What’s your remote-control style? Are you the one who happily grabs the TV remote and immediately chooses the channel. Unconcerned by others gathered round the TV? Or are you the one who avoids taking charge of the remote. Finding it almost impossible to choose a programme without garnering a clear [...]

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